Gronkowski Brothers Pitching Animated TV Series

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It's a story about five brothers and their proud dad. Four of the brothers are or were professional athletes. One of them, you probably know, Rob Gronkowski, aka "Gronk" the celebrity, stub, tight end for the New England Patriots. Now, there is a chance that we will get the opportunity to see the Gronkowski Brothers and all their brotastic hijinx recreated in animated form on a television set near you.

Deadspin is reporting that the Gronkowski family is currently pitching an idea for an animated series loosely based upon their lives. The show would of course be titled, "The Gronks."

Barry Petchesky of Deadspin got his hands on a leaked pitch video. Please note that there is some lewd, adult content in this clip. Here's a look at what we can expect:

Judging by the video, the show is for an adult audience, geared towards the Adult Swim demo. There will be jokes about Viagra, lots of curse words and childish hijinx like throwing snowballs at moving cars.

The Growkowski brood consists of five brothers: Gordy Jr. (a former minor league baseball player), Chris (a former NFL player), Dan (a former NFL player), Glenn (currently playing football at Kansas State) and Rob (the famous one who earned two Pro Bowl bids.) Both Chris and Dan moved around from team to team during their short professional careers in the NFL. They were both released from their respective teams this past summer. You can get a better look at the family on their website "Gronk Nation."

Rob Gronkowski is presently in the middle of the NFL season, where his New England Patriots are 6-2 and in first place in the AFC East. Therefore, it seems like the leaked video is serving as a seed for Hollywood, and the major wheelings and dealings (if there are any), will come after the NFL season ends this winter. However, Ricky Blitt, a television writer who co-produces the Fox animated show "The Family Guy" has allegedly expressed an interest in "The Gronks."

Tell us what you think. Would you like to see a cartoon version of the Gronkowski family?

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