Grenade Found In Package At 2 World Trade Center

Amanda CrumLife

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A suspicious package found its way into the WTC today, prompting a cautious evacuation of employees after an X-ray turned up an image of what appeared to be a grenade.

The item was discovered just before eleven this morning and police immediately responded, bringing along a bomb squad for good measure. But a search uncovered a harmless toy grenade, and all employees were safely returned to work.

It's doubtful that there is anyone above elementary school age who doesn't know about the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, so it's hard to imagine why anyone would send a package through the building which contained an obviously threatening-looking item, even if it was just a toy. Officials are no doubt looking further into the origins of the package, and WebProNews will provide more coverage as we receive details.

Amanda Crum
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