Green Bay Packers Are Without Aaron Rodgers Again

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For a Green Bay Packers team that has been struggling since his departure several weeks ago, the news that Aaron Rodgers will be out of the lineup in this week's game is not good for the Packers, and their fans.

As they are still attempting to make the playoffs, the inclusion of Aaron Rodgers in the lineup would certainly help, but without him, they will be hoping for a miracle in order to make the playoffs.

This Sunday, they will play against a Steelers team in a similar situation, although with the Packers playing in the NFC North, they have an easier time of making the playoffs than the Steelers, who trail both the Bengals and the Ravens.

The Green Bay Packers currently have a record of 7-6-1, and have struggled greatly since the loss of their star quarterback. Aaron Rodgers, being one of the best quarterbacks to play football, was surely going to be missed on the team, but they had no idea how much.

There has been plenty of speculation about the return of Aaron Rodgers recently, and he is continually not being cleared to play.

The latest report came from coach Mike McCarthy when he said "As an organization we do not feel like we are ready for him to play. He's not medically cleared, that's still the case today. As an organization, we don't think this is the right time for him to play."

After going down during a Monday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears on November 4th, Rodgers has not returned to the field, and they were not able to win a game during the month of November. They finally got their second win since his departure during a late comeback in their last game, with some help from Tony Romo's interceptions, beating the Cowboys.

They have won their last two games, and in the remaining games of the season, they will play the Steelers and their division rivals, the Chicago Bears. The Bears currently lead the NFC North with a record of 8-6. The Lions led the division for much of the season, but after recent losses, they no longer control their own destiny, and may not make the playoffs.

After the Packers lost Aaaron Rodgers to injury, the Packers tried out a few different quarterbacks including Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien, but finally turned to someone they were familiar with, and re-signed Matt Flynn, who has started ever since.

With two remaining games, Matt Flynn and the Green Bay Packers will have to step up their game if they hope to continue playing in January.

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