Graduation Gifts For Any Student And Budget


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Graduation is just around the corner for many students and while most of them are focused on summer and the future, parents and friends are worried about finding the perfect graduation gift.

Many elementary schools and middle schools have graduation ceremonies and you may feel obligated to buy a gift for not only high school seniors and college graduates, but younger students as well.

Here are some great gift ideas that won't break the bank and will be useful for all the graduates in your life.

High School Seniors And College Graduates

Students graduating high school and college have a lot on their minds and most of them are thinking about basic essentials for the future. High school graduates will appreciate gifts that they can use when they start college or venture out on their own. Dorm gear such as bedding, small appliances, picture frames and even cooking supplies are all thoughtful and functional gifts that any graduating senior will find handy.

College graduates will enjoy gifts that can be used at their new jobs. Office supplies, desk organizers, and small electronics are great options. Since many college graduates are looking for apartments or moving out of dorms after graduation, gifts for the home may be a good option as well.

If you can't decide what to get the high school or college graduate on your list, opt for gift cards to places such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Starbucks, Home Depot, Barnes And Noble or even gas cards.

Younger Students

Finding a gift for a young graduate can be either really easy or really hard. Many people choose to buy toys or edible treats for young graduates, but there are many other options that may be better. Tickets to a zoo, aquarium or theme park are a great way to reward a child for a year of good grades and attendance.

Books are another good gift option that children can use to stay interested in reading over the summer and prepare for the next school year. You could also consider a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, movie theater or bowling alley or even offer to pay for swimming lessons or a summer camp.

Don't overthink graduation gifts and just put yourself in the graduate's shoes. If you were that age and graduating, what would you like for a special gift? There is no wrong choice and the graduate in your life will appreciate the gesture as much as the actual gift.

Image via Wikimedia Commons