Grace Kelly’s Family Outraged Over Biopic

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Grace of Monaco the biopic about Grace Kelly, an actress, fashion icon, and the Princess of Monaco, was chosen to headline this year’s Cannes Film Festival. However, many slammed the film, including Kelly’s own family.

The film is set in the 1960s, during the early years of Kelly as the Princess of Monaco. That was also the time when she got an offer from Alfred Hitchcock to return to Hollywood and continue her acting career. After marrying Prince Rainier III, Kelly decided to retire from her acting career. She was 26 at that time.

The film was slammed by critics. “Is it even possible to make a boring film out of this rich, juicy, gossipy material? It would seem so,” Stephen Dalton from The Hollywood Reporter said describing the biopic.

Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Kelly’s youngest daughter, said that the biopic did not give an accurate representation of her parents. She even urged the photographers to boycott the film.

Nicole Kidman, who plays Kelly in Grace of Monaco, addressed the issue during a press conference that was held on Wednesday. The actress feels sad, as she knows that the creation of the film had no malice towards Kelly’s family. “I have respect for how they feel and I want them to know the performance was done with love,” she said.

“She fascinated me, and she fascinated the world. She still does,” Kidman said of Kelly.

Oliver Dahan, the film’s director, admitted that some of the scenes in the movie did not happen in real life. One of which was Hitchcock’s visit to Monaco. “I’m not a biographer or a historian. What I’ve tried to do is depict the heart of things,” he said. Just like some biopics, producers and directors tend to go far with their artistic license.

Grace of Monaco will be playing at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

'Grace Of Monaco' Trailer

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