Grab Firefox 19 Early Before It Officially Launches Tomorrow

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Mozilla has been hard at work the past six weeks readying Firefox 19 for official launch. That launch comes tomorrow, but you can grab it now if you want to start taking advantage of its incredibly helpful HTML5-based PDF viewer.

The Next Web found that Mozilla is now publicly hosting the official release of Firefox 19 on its servers. You can grab it for Windows, Mac or Linux. We don't know what's new in this version, but it should be similar to what was in the beta.

Of course, the big addition is the built-in PDF viewer that rids Firefox of its reliance on browser plug-ins like Adobe Acrobat Reader. The plug-in was just recently found to have an exploit that could be used to infect a user's computer, so Firefox' addition of an HTML5-based PDF viewer comes just in time.

The other additions in the beta include a number of new developer tools relating to CSS, debugging and the upcoming Firefox OS. You can check out the beta release notes here. Just expect there to be some differences between this list and the official one released tomorrow.

Firefox for Android should also be updated to version 19 tomorrow as well. From the release notes, it seems that mobile Firefox users will only be getting a few notable changes such as theme support and support fo Chinese localizations. Lower power phones can also now take advantage of Firefox for Android as the minimum CPU requirement has been dropped to 600MHz. Keep an eye on Google Play tomorrow for the official release.