Government Shutdown Ends: Let's Tweet About It

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If you think you were stressed out during the government shutdown, imagine what it was like to be an astronaut in space and wondering if NASA would be there to help you. Although most of NASA shutdown, there were a few people around to handle mission control and make sure the astronauts on the space station did not get lost in space.

The government shutdown is finally over and many people are celebrating, including the employees at many national parks, monuments and science agencies. Twitter was the place for everyone to express their joy in returning back to work.

Although some states and private organizations did fight to keep certain monuments and parks open, most of them were closed down during the shutdown. These tweets not only allowed the museums, parks and government agencies to express their happiness that the shutdown was over, they also allowed them to reach out to fans and visitors and let them know they were back online and open for business.

Bet you haven't seen this many people excited to go back to work in a long time.

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