'Gossip Girl' Kelly Rutherford Finally Granted Custody Of Her Children After Six Years

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After years of court hearings and an online petition, Kelly Rutherford will finally be able to see her children.

The 46-year-old actress was granted “sole and legal” custody of her children by a California judge on May 22.

This means that her children, 8-year-old son Hermes and 5-year-old daughter Helena, should be brought home from Monaco where they have been living with their father, Rutherford’s ex-husband Daniel Giersch, since 2012.

The Gossip Girl star’s nightmare started when Giersch’s work visa was revoked and he was barred from entering the US after a family holiday abroad. No exact reason was given and in some weird legal twist, a California judge ruled that the children should reside in France with their father because it was in their “best interest.”

However, when Rutherford went to France recently to be with her children Giersch refused to let her see them until she handed over their passports.

The embattled actress has spent the better part of the last 6 years trying to get her children home, a battle that has already cost her almost $2.5 million and forced her to declare bankruptcy. But with the court’s latest decision, the Melrose Place alum can finally put that behind her and look forward.

In a statement, Rutherford’s lawyer David Glass said that they are “pleased that the Los Angeles Superior Court acted swiftly.”

“We remain hopeful that Mr. Giersch, after reviewing the Orders, will cooperate fully and assist us in peacefully transferring the children to Kelly’s custody.”

Rutherford’s friends, who have helped her secure 100,000 signatures in an online petition, are also ecstatic over the good news and have expressed their support and love on Twitter.

The TV veteran is scheduled to attend a hearing on June 15. Her children and Giersch are also slated to attend the session.

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