GoPago Treats San Francisco to Innovative Mobile Payment Service


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There's no doubt the future of payments exists in our mobile devices and GoPago is another great example of how mobile technology is bringing innovation to the marketplace. San Francisco businesses and customers alike are being treated to something new and different that adds value for everyone involved.

Have you ever dreamed of a dining out experience where everything is arranged in advance without having to do all the leg work. GoPago is a service that can reserve your seat, order your meal, and even pay the bill before you ever need to speak to anyone. That's right, you wont have to show up and get added to a list or find out the kitchen is out of catfish, it can all be arranged in advance.

There's about 550 businesses on board with GoPago and it isn't just about mobile payments and reservations for them. The service allows them to collect data about their clients, offer special custom tailored promotions, and streamlines the payment process. Thanks to financial backing, and a special partnership with JP Morgan, GoPago is able to offer some of the most secure transactions available via a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection and verification by VeriSign.

So if your looking to get innovative with your business and you think mobile payments and increased customer value are right for you, you need to check out GoPago. If you're a customer wondering if it's an option available for you, call your local merchants and ask them if they have it yet.