Google's Short Answers Move To Mobile Phones

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Ten blue links may never be less useful than when a person who's in a hurry is forced to squint at them on the screen of a cell phone.  Google's taken an important step, then, by making the short answers it introduced a month ago available to folks who are on the go.

The possible uses are far-ranging, and the actual act of employing this feature is simple.  A post on the Google+Mobile+Blog%29">Google Mobile Blog first explained how it can come in handy, stating "If you're like us, you may sometimes engage in trivia matches with friends on topics as far ranging as, what continent is Turkey in?, Star Wars release date?, or Augustus' successor?"

As for the other part of the equation, the post continued, "Now you can settle that debate there and then by searching Google from your mobile; you can speak your question into Google Search on Android or Google Mobile App for iPhone, or you can visit from your mobile browser to type your search."

Google can't guarantee that it'll be able to produce a short answer for every question, of course, and speech recognition still hasn't achieved perfection.

Nonetheless, this step forward is likely to endear the search giant to people who make a habit of accessing the mobile Web, increasing its market share in short order.

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