Google's Project Glass Featured on Charlie Rose

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Sebastian Thrun, founder of Google X, sat with Charlie Rose this week to talk about the Google Glass Project. Thrun also taked about other projects he is involved in including artificial intelligence research, Google's self-driving cars, and Udacity, his free online university. Google X is Google's "secret lab" which takes what Thrun calls "moon-shot" ideas and turn them into products.

Thrun had previously posted the above picture to his Google+ account. The photo was taken during the first part of the interview using a button on the device, and then uploaded to Google+ with a slight nod. The quality of the photo doesn't seem great, but a final version of Glass would most likely feature a much better camera. This prototype probably has the cheapest camera they could find, just to provide proof-of-concept.

The internet continues to make fun of the idea of Google Glass, but there is also plenty of excitement over what wearable computing may mean for the future. Speaking for myself, I want to live in a world akin to Ghost in the Shell before I die, and Glass seems to be a step in that direction, so I'm excited for it.

Unfortunately, the video of Thrun's interview is not embeddable, so you will have to go to the Charlie Rose website to view it. Still, make sure to come back and leave a comment letting me know what you think about the Glass Project, Thrun, and the interview.

(via The Verge)