Google's Official YouTube Channel Reached 500 Million Views Over the Weekend

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Over at Google, employees involved in YouTubing things are celebrating their milestone achievement of 500 million views on their official channel. Since the channel's launch in 2007, Google fans have uploaded over 1,400 videos to the channel, left almost 500,000 comments, and have favorited videos on the channel over 200,000 times, says the company via a recent G+ post.

As part of the celebration, Google shared its first-ever video uploaded to the channel, Act One of a very low-fi Gmail promotional vid. It's horribly campy, but kind of intriguing. I might even go so far as to say that it's great despite being horrible, kind of like how Google itself is wonderful, despite being frighteningly, powerfully, secretly evil.

Oh, well. I'll welcome my Google overlords when they finally decide to seize power overtly. They already own a remarkable portion of my brainspace (I just googled "Google" to get to the Google homepage). All I ask is that I keep getting nearly infinite online storage, free access to images and maps, and don't ever have to find anything for myself again.

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Here's the vid:

Main Image Source: Google Marketing Mix.