Google's New Privacy Policy: Who Cares?

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Lately Google's new privacy policy is the hottest news. I can't stop hearing about it. Lawmaker's are sending them letters, people are frightened about their personal information being stolen, and now alerts are being sent to my email making sure I understand the policies.

Wow, this is a big deal! I think? What do people do on Google+ and YouTube? I must be really boring. I can't think why I would even care if Google knew everything I do with their products. Oh no, they might find out I searched Google maps to find a garage sale close to my house! They're gonna know I've been purchasing products second hand! Time to buy an atlas.

I think this whole thing might just be a misunderstanding by the public. I'm sure I'll get some hate mail over this statement but, it seems completely ridiculous to me! Hasn't the internet always tracked user's information to varying degrees for advertising and marketing purposes? Who cares if Google knows you bought a Lady Gaga Mp3, they're not gonna email your friends about it.

I think they announced the whole thing because they believed that the new methods for managing user's data were going to make Google products seem more attractive. I like the idea that Google won't be marketing products to me that don't fall into my demographic. I don't care about adult diapers or viagra. I don't make enough money to care about the latest funds that are available. Save that garbage for someone who has a disposable income larger than $3 a week.

I don't know that any of this targeted marketing is even a reality yet but if that's what Google's getting at, sign me up. I think that Google just got everyone in a big panic over what many others have been doing for awhile. Essentially they just shot themselves in the foot. Now everybody wants clarification. Lawmaker's don't do anything when SOPA threatens constituents actual freedom's on the internet but heaven forbid if Google's going to see the porn in half their (the Lawmakers) gmail accounts....then a letter must be drafted.

I don't know maybe I've overlooked something here. I haven't seen anything that suggests any significant change has taken place. Google controls a wide-varity of products and services, now they are all covered under one overarching privacy statement.

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