Google's Eric Schmidt Dances Gangnam Style in Korea

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Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt recently took a trip to the Google offices in Korea and was greeted by none other than PSY, the man behind the viral sensation "Gangnam Style."

According to Google, Schmidt presented PSY with a framed Google Doodle and then asked to be taught how to dance Gangnam Style.

Of course, Schmidt didn't travel all the way to South Korea to learn to dance. He was there attending the Nexus 7 event - just a few days after launching the device in Japan. But Eric Schmidt and Gangnam Style? That's compelling and must be investigated.

Here, we have an (admittedly crappy) video of the scene at the Google offices in Korea. Nevertheless, you can still recognize Schmidt, surrounded by enthusiastic Koreans:

And here's a photo of the exchange, courtesy Google Korea:

I guess Schmidt had to embrace the fad, considering Gangnam Style is now officially the most-liked video in the history of YouTube. For more Gangnam Style-related mashups and remixes, check here.

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