Google Woos Devs With Events Page, Advocate Bios

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Both in terms of holding a person's interest and making sure he (or she) does things right, allowing an individual to spend hours alone, staring at a computer screen, is not always the best way to handle a situation.  So to better engage with developers, Google's introducing Advocate Bios and Developer Events pages.

A post on the Google Code Blog explained with regards to that first item, "The Advocates Bios page provides names, pictures and short descriptions of Developer Relations team members.  You can filter them by what they work on and/or where they're based out of."

As for the Developer Events page, the post stated, "The Developer Events page is a mashup of the Calendar and Maps APIs, running on an App Engine backend.  Want to know about upcoming Android events in Prague?  Or whether Patrick Chanezon is speaking at the GDD in Munich on Nov 9th?  (He is!)  You can do all of that and more with the Developer Events page."

One other important note: both pages are available through the Google Code homepage, so developers who don't read the Google Code Blog (or WebProNews) won't be left out.

Anyway, the availability of these pages should help create more of a community feel among developers who work with Google's products and services.

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