Google Wants Project Glass To Have A Role In Your Baby's Life

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I think we can all agree that Google showed off the potential of Project Glass during Google I/O in an extreme way. Unfortunately, not everybody is a skydiving, extreme biking, rappelling sports star. What can Project Glass do for the less extreme person? Google has started a campaign to answer that very question.

You may remember a decidedly-less extreme video during the Project Glass presentation during the keynote. It featured a mother wearing Project Glass and showing off her new-born child to her family via a Google+ hangout. The cool thing was that the existence of Project Glass allowed her to shoot all of her child's moments in first-person. It was like filming a child's life but with the added benefit of broadcasting it live to the family instead of sending them DVDs five months down the line.

Google has now revealed the purpose of that video - it's called Glass Sessions. It's the first in a series of videos that is meant to show "what it’s like to use Glass while we build it, through the eyes of a real person, in real life." Of course, using a baby is going to tug at the cute heartstrings that have been conditioned after so many pictures of cute puppies and kittens that we see all over the Internet. It's an effective marketing tool and will probably get a few mothers more than interested in the technology.

Remember, this is the first in a series. Google is remaining tight-lipped about what's up next, but I'm sure it's going to amaze us again. I'm personally hoping to see extreme uses like a mountain climber using Project Glass to snap pictures of his climb up Mt. Everest.

Project Glass

We think Glass helps you share your life as you’re living it; from life’s big moments to everyday experiences.

Today we’re kicking off what we’re calling Glass Sessions, where you can experience what it’s like to use Glass while we build it, through the eyes of a real person, in real life. The first Glass Session follows Laetitia Gayno, the wife of a Googler, as she shares her story of welcoming a new baby, capturing every smile, and showing her entire family back in France every “first” through Hangouts. 

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