Google Voice Looking to Other Service Providers


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Android users on Sprint have been able to integrate Google Voice into their service for about a year now. Sprint partnered with Google last year bringing Sprint users online visual voicemail, custom greetings, free text messaging, lower priced international calls and the ability to use the same number across all devices.

In the near future, this may not be a Sprint only service. In an interview with Group Product Manager for Google Voice, Vincent Panquet, CNet has confirmed that they are in talks with other service providers to bring the service to more people.

"We are having discussions with other carriers about this," said Panquet, though he did not mention any specific providers by name. I guess that eliminates any questions as to whether or not the Sprint agreement was an exclusive deal.

"Sprint integration has worked really well," Paquet said to CNet. "We have, since Day One, had a steady stream of people signing up for it."

Google Voice's key feature is it's voicemail transcription service, which allows you to view and manage your voicemail through your e-mail account, seeing the messages visually and eliminating the need to call your voicemail every time you have new messages.

The convenience of this unique feature may have been something that drew people towards Sprint when choosing a service provider. The company will now have to look to other services to set them apart.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Voice, this video shows you all you need to know.