Google Village: The Googleplex Goes To SXSW

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It shouldn't surprise anyone that Google's going to this year's South by Southwest music festival. SXSW is cool, Google is cool (right?), so they play well together. What is surprising, however, is that Google decided it wasn't enough to just send its envoys to the festival and have instead chosen to construct a makeshift Googleplex for the duration of SXSW.

In a blog post, Google announced the creation of the Google Village that will be effectively taking over Rainey Street (cue the collective groan of local residents) and will house different aspects of Googleness. Honestly, it sounds like Google's got a touch of the Hogwarts bug because the divisions will be as follow: Android House, Google Maps House, Developer House, and Discovery House.

Other details from the announcement:

  • Interactive talks featuring Google luminary Vic Gundotra and self-described "software evangelist" Guy Kawasaki.
  • Over 25 panels of Googlers talking about Google things, like YouTube and WebGL.
  • Drinks!
  • Local artists showing off their wares.
  • Google Offers passport, which gets you discounts in various local businesses.
  • Lego-buildy madness
  • Marvel at the latest Android devices and platforms
  • Google will also be streaming live footage of concerts from The Shins, Gossip, The Ting Tings, and The Heartless Bastards (among others). The shows will be streamed on the YouTube Presents channel in case you can't make it.

    You can see the full itinerary of Google Village madness on the official company's official schedule for the SXSW event.

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