Google US News Gets Larger Pics and a Social Perspective

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Over the next week Google is going to be making some changes to the way US news searches appear on their pages. The first change is going to be larger images on their main page. They are also adding a real-time coverage page that will feature all the latest articles paired with relevant Google+ post to bring a social perspective to the stories. Sounds kind of interesting.

Here's how they explain their decision to add the social aspect to their news pages:

"Many news stories inspire vibrant discussions on Google+, and today we're starting to add this content to both the News homepage, and the realtime coverage pages. This way you can see what your circles, journalists covering the story and notables like politicians or others who are the subjects of stories have to say about breaking news, and even contribute to the discussion directly from Google News."

I don't think it will suit everyone, but it could go a long way towards bringing a comprehensive understanding of subject matter to the coverage. Multiple perspectives are always instrumental in bringing a truer understanding of what's being reported. It'll probably turn some folks off, but I believe it's a positive move, especially if Google wants to continue down the social avenues of the internet.

In any event, it doesn't seem like a mandatory change. They say if you want the upgrades, some of the changes are already in effect. All you have to do is follow this link and sign up.We can expect the rest of the changes throughout next week, just as i've already mentioned above. I think it's worth taking a look at.

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