Google Updates; 43 Languages, Mobile Support

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Google says that no matter which browser you choose, you should at least be informed on whether or not it's updated and what the other options are. Three years ago, they created a site that answers those questions and more.

Although is a Google creation, they don't simply recommend that everyone switches to the newest version of Chrome. For instance, accessing WhatBrowser with Firefox will suggest that you can try Chrome, Opera, or Safari. Not IE, it's important to note.

For the truly technologically-challenged among us, Google also provides a short description of what a browser actually is. They also let users know that updating your browser, whichever one it may be, is necessary because it's faster, safer, and more feature-rich.

With that in mind, Google has made some changes to the site, which they announced in a Chrome blog post.

"To reflect the changing browser landscape, we’ve completely revamped The site has been fully rebuilt in HTML5, localized in 43 languages, and now works on mobile, too. The site also highlights why it’s so important to use a modern browser and keep it up to date: doing so saves you time, keeps you safer, and lets you do more online. The browser you choose is up to you; hopefully can help," says Google Product Manager Jeff Chang.

With the internet reaching more and more people across the world every day, searches like "what's a browser" and "what browser am I using" will continue to see volume. Google's ranks near the top for many of these types of searches.

For fun, if you're interested, you can take a journey through four years of the browser wars here. The visualization takes you from June 2008 to June 2012 - from a world dominated by Internet Explorer to one where Chrome and Firefox take up plenty of real estate.

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