Google Updates Chrome OS, Fixes Cr-48 Trackpad Issue

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Early reviews of Google's Cr-48 notebooks were, as you may remember, not encouraging.  They seemed to indicate that the machines made better coasters than computing devices for anyone who already owned a laptop.  Google's now addressed some problems with a new release of Chrome OS, however.

Part of the change involves Chrome 10 effectively hitting Chrome OS.  That means users should see improved Javascript performance, improved security, and a password sync feature enabled by default (among other a few things).

Then there are some Chrome OS-specific upgrades, as well.  These include 3G modem activation fixes, 3G connection to the carrier fixes, Wi-Fi connectivity fixes, power optimizations, and tweaked onscreen indicators.

Finally, the biggie: new trackpad sensitivity settings, which should cut down on occurrences of misclicks and jumping cursors.

If you'd like more details, Josafat Garcia, a member of the Google Chrome team, wrote on the Google Chrome Releases blog, "You can find full list of fixes that are in Chrome OS R10 in the chromium-os bug tracker.  If you find new issues, please let us know by visiting our help site or filing a bug."

Perhaps this development will encourage a few people to dust off their Cr-48s and give Google's operating system another try.

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