Google Video Service One Step Closer To Happening In Kansas City

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Google's one step closer to bringing whatever secret television service they've been working on to fruition, according to the Kansas City Business Journal. The Missouri Public Service Commission granted permission to Google Fiber Missiouri, LCC, to build a video service network alongside the roads of Kansas City, thus clearing the way for Google to start putting together their ultra-high-speed fiber optic network.

Although Google received permission to set up a video service in Kansas City, they insist that people shouldn't get ahead of themselves with speculation of a launch of the much-whispered-about Google TV-related service .

A Google spokeswoman said that while Google is in process of exploring what products to offer whenever Google Fiber finally does launch in Kansas city, the video franchise license was merely a prerequisite Google had to have in order to keep the operation legal. The spokeswoman added that "the action doesn't mean Google will or will not pursue video services in Kansas City."

And Earth will or will not continue to rotate on its axis, as well.

Google's still cagey as ever about not revealing what exactly the company has up its sleeve in spite of the fact that all signs are pointing to "yes" with a Google video service arriving in Kansas City. However, if the television service really does turn out to be the misguided product of overzealous speculation, then one has to begin to wonder: with that ultra-fast Internet and all those video licenses the company's been amassing, what kind of techno-media monster is Google really assembling out there in Missouri?

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