Google Testing Hotel Pricing In Maps

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Google is experimenting with a new feature in Google Maps that allows a small portion of users to view specific prices for selected hotel listings.

By searching for hotels on Google Maps, users will be able to plug-in dates they plan to stay and see prices on selected listings.

Google's Lat Long Blog offers more details. "You can click on the price to see a list of advertisers who have provided pricing information for that hotel, indicated by the "Sponsored" text, and click through to reserve a room on the advertiser's site."


"By showing you this relevant hotel rate information directly in the Google Maps results panel we hope to make this aspect of your trip planning more speedy and efficient."

Google emphasized the new feature will not change the way hotels are ranked in Google Maps. While testing the feature, Google said it is working with a limited number of advertisers and it will only be visible to a small number of users. If the test goes well Google said the feature will be made available to more users over time.


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