Google Talks Porting Games To Chrome

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Google had quite the presence at the Game Developers Conference last week from announcing Google Play to helping developers compress high quality textures. Today, the developers have uploaded one of their other talks that focused on porting titles to Chrome.

It's no secret that the Chrome Web browser has an app store. The cool thing, however, is that you can download console-quality games onto Chrome and play them in your Web browser. One of the first major games to do this was GDC award winner, Bastion. Other current gen games like Mini Ninjas and From Dust are hitting the Chrome platform as well.

A question that a developer might have though is how they can port their existing game to the Chrome platform. Well, Google presented a talk at GDC on that very topic. The talk was called, "Get your port on," and offers tips and tricks for developers who want to port their games to the Chrome native client.

The video is a bit on the long side clocking in at 36 minutes, but it should provide developers the tools and know how to start getting their games on the world's most popular Web browser.

For those who want a bit more instruction on how to build games for Chrome, you can check out Google's developer page for Web games.