Google Still Courting Yahoo's Ad Properties (Somewhere, Microsoft Groans)

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You have to wonder at what point Google is just trying to get Microsoft's goat when it comes to making purchases or if Google really is honestly trying to stay ahead of the pack. Case in point: Yahoo.

Last year, Google was said to be involved in talks to purchase Yahoo, or at least some meaty parts of Yahoo. The deal, though unlikely, would have made for some awkward recalibrating for Microsoft, which is partnered with Yahoo in Search Alliance, a service that supplies advertisements across both Bing and Yahoo. It appears, though, that Google hasn't shelved its interest in Yahoo's ad technologies.

According to sources that spoke with Business Insider, Google made an initial offer to buy Yahoo's advertising business (as well as its customer list) about three months ago when Yahoo's then-CEO Scott Thompson was still running things. Talks didn't move past the corporate development level, but they are said to be on-going.

While the deal would without a doubt fill Yahoo's wallet with millions upon millions of dollars - if it were to ever to actually get into serious stages, that is - it would result in Yahoo getting rid of 2,000 employees, BI's source said. That prospect, though not really qualified to seem plausible at this point, comes on the heels of Yahoo giving 2,000 people the ax back in April, the company's largest layoff ever and its fifth layoff in five years. Yahoo only has 12,000 in the post-Thompson era, so the speculated layoffs would reduce match the company's biggest layoff ever.

In other words, in you're looking for jobs in the tech industry and desire job security as one of your must-haves, maybe Yahoo isn't the first or even the second place you should be looking.

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