Google Starts Partnership With Signpost

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Google announced today that they have reached a deal with the New York-based company Signpost, which provides online stores for local businesses around the country. The company will now run deals on Google Offers and in emails to subscribers. The company, whose website states that 95% of their clients generate more clicks and purchases each month compared to the average local partnership with AdSense, has also recently signed a similar deal with NimbleCommerce.

Signpost CEO Stuart Wall says the company has shifted its business model in the past couple of years, becoming more of a marketing platform for small businesses, or "AdSense for local commerce".

For $99 a month, subscribers get a Signpost-created e-commerce business and a marketing strategy, including ads and offers to draw in customers. While Signpost is established in 50 markets around the nation, not all of them have Google Offers available. However, Google Offers has recently added their daily deals to new cities around the country, and everywhere Google Offers is, Signpost is there as well.

Google Offers, which was compared to Groupon in its early days of development, includes a mobile app and personalized offers for subscribers.

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