Google Starts Fiber Installation In Hanover Heights Today

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The promised day has arrived - Google is ready to start installing 1 Gbps Fiber Internet in the homes of Hanover Heights, Kansas City residents. Of course, Google has a nice guide for those receiving Internet over the next few days so that they know what to expect from the works installing the Internet. The process is painless, but home owners will want to at least get the basic information.

Here's how the installation process is going to go down:

There are two stages to getting you connected. First, we'll pull your Fiber from the street to the side of your house; we’ve already done this for several houses in Hanover Heights. Then we'll get in touch with you to schedule the second stage, your in-home installation.

To help further explain, Google has created a short video that shows off the process:

The installation starts with Hanover Heights today, but it will spread throughout all of Kansas City over the coming months. After that, Google may opt to bring Google Fiber to other cities. We can only hope they decide to share the love of fast Internet with the world.

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