Google Starting "Make Ideas Real" SketchUp Project

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When you think of Google, 3D image modeling isn't generally the first idea that pops in your head. The search engine giant looks to be changing that with a new project they're calling "Make Ideas Real". It's based around their 3D modeling tool called SketchUp.

The premise is simple; they're going to focus on an online showcase, highlighting works that have created an impact. The project looks to be open-ended, and they've stated that anything goes in terms of subject matter: architecture, archeology, industrial design, construction, woodworking, personal fabrication, model railroading, mousetrap design.

The rules and sign-up process are simple. Just complete this form, then submit an image of your SketchUp work along with a photo of the object it's based on.

Here's a video showing off what SketchUp is capable of:

I've never used SketchUp, but the examples provided in their announcement article are well crafted. Especially the SKPR Bot by John Bacus, featured below.

SketchUp Robot Model

Google will be taking submissions over the next few months, and will launch the showcase sometime in 2012.

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