Google Snaps Up Cameyo to Bolster ChromeOS

Google announced it has purchased Cameyo, the virtual app delivery platform that brings mission-critical apps to any digital workspace....
Google Snaps Up Cameyo to Bolster ChromeOS
Written by Matt Milano
  • Google announced it has purchased Cameyo, the virtual app delivery platform that brings mission-critical apps to any digital workspace.

    Naveen Viswanatha, Google’s ChromeOS head, and Cameyo CEO Andrew Miller said the Cameyo team is joining the company, with the “mission to make legacy applications accessible and easy to manage within the ChromeOS ecosystem.” Google cites research supporting the popularity of web-based applications, especially in the business realm, before pointing out that there are a number of issues that still stand in the way.

    Forrester’s research recommends a way to fill in the gaps: virtual application delivery (VAD). This innovative approach to virtualization streamlines the delivery of legacy applications to any device, eliminating the need for a full desktop environment. VAD significantly simplifies application management, making it easier for IT teams to keep software up-to-date and secure, all while improving the end-user experience by making all apps accessible without needing to sign in to a separate virtual desktop environment first. With VAD, users have seamless access to both web-based and legacy apps side-by-side without having to change their behavior.

    The two executives say today’s announcement builds on the two companies’ previous partnership.

    ChromeOS has long been committed to providing users with the best possible experience for virtual applications. Recognizing the potential of VAD, we partnered with Cameyo last year to launch a seamless virtual application delivery experience fully integrated with ChromeOS—with local file system integration, ability to deliver virtual apps as progressive web apps (PWAs) and enhanced clipboard support. These features ensure users can seamlessly access data and files in a secure, easy, and familiar way within virtual apps.

    The addition of Cameyo to Google will help business that rely on ChromeOS to simplify app deployment, enhance security, improve productivity, and reduce IT costs.

    “Deploying apps with ChromeOS and Cameyo is remarkably simple. Session management, load balancing, failover, etc.—it’s all handled by Cameyo, so all we had to focus on was the apps we wanted to publish,” said Mario Zúñiga, IT Director, Digital Workplace, Sanmina. “It was very easy to get set up, and ongoing management is a breeze —especially when compared to traditional virtual desktop approaches. Cameyo is a key element to enabling our long-term Chrome Enterprise strategy. The fact that Cameyo has deep partnerships and integration with Chrome Enterprise and Google Cloud makes this an even more strategic fit.”

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