Google Small Business Introduces Webmaster Academy


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Google just announced on its Small Business Blog a new platform to help small business owners build their Google sites, called Webmaster Academy. In a 19-step process, users can:

- Learn how Google works
- Make sure Google knows about your site
- Influence your site's listing in search
- Create great content
- Images and video
- Connect with Google+
- Access extra resources

Webmaster Academy better explains how Google search operates, and how website owners can better optimize their content for search. Information on how to better utilize Google's Webmaster Tools is offered, as well as general web design tips. Below is a clip describing Google Search:

Impending posts from the Webmaster Academy will include topics like:

- An explanation of how Google Search works
- How best to represent a brick and mortar business online
- An introduction to Search Engine Optimization

In March, Google announced free small business websites for Californian users. Those online merchants now have more tools to optimize their online storefronts.