Google Shows Developers How To Be On Target With Dart

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Google's open source programming language, Dart, was one of the few things that didn't get a lot of love from Google's main keynotes. It was to be expected as Dart isn't exactly the most exciting of subjects for the press. The press is now gone though and developers are taking over. Time for some Dart action.

Google has been pushing building apps for the open Web during year's Google I/O conference. The newly added features to Apps Script and Drive will hopefully kick start an entirely new generation of apps built for the Web. If you're going to start building those apps, you're going to want to program with a language built for those apps. For what it's worth, Google thinks Dart is that language.

The Google Dart team presented a few apps at I/O that showed off the power of Dart. What advantages does Dart provide to developers? Quite a few with fast speeds, great visuals and offline apps being a few of the advantages.

The future of the Web is in your hands and Google wants you to use Dart as the main power source behind it. With this kind of instruction, it's at least going to be easy.