Google Shares Details And Pictures From Its Glass Foundry Event

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It was revealed last month that Google would be inviting developers to two separate hackathons to work on the future of Glass. These events wouldn't be open to the public, and the attending developers can't say anything about what they saw or heard. That being said, Google was kind enough to share some details from the event.

In a Google+ post over the weekend, the Google Developers page shared some images from the two Glass Foundry events. There's not much new information, but we do get to see somebody besides Sergey Brin wearing Glass.

Google Developers

A couple weeks ago, we held two hackathons for a small group of lucky developers from among those who signed up for the Glass Explorer Program at Google I/O 2012.  We called these events the Glass Foundry.  In San Francisco and New York, the selected Glass Explorers were able to spend two days with Glass and the API we’ve developed.  They formed teams and built over 80 new ways to use Glass.  Everyone who demoed received a special edition glass bar identifying them as a “Pioneer” of this next generation of computing.  Eight hard-working teams won the grand prize: Google will pick up the cost of their Glass Explorer Edition.

The Glass Foundry was a great opportunity to get our engineers working next to developers on Glass and the API.  We discovered that we all shared a passion for the future of wearable technology, and the feedback we received is already helping us improve the platform.  The whole event was deeply rewarding for our team and the participants seemed to have a great time, too.  We hope to have more Glass Foundries in the future.

Although the details of the API are still confidential, we did want to share the photos in the attached album.  If you'd like to know more about developing for Glass and you'll be at SXSW this year, we recommend you attend Building New Experiences with Glass ( with +Timothy Jordan  on Monday, March 11th at 5pm in Ballroom A of the Austin Convention Center.

+Timothy Jordan +Sarah Price +Ossama Alami +Jenny Murphy +Alain Vongsouvanh 

photos by Daniel Gaines Photography and Philip Montgomery

Here's a few of the choice pictures from the event:

Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass

For more info on Google Glass, check out this recent documentary made about the technology. Google also talked about the process of making Glass at a recent TED talk.