Google Secures Verizon FiOS TV As TV Ads Partner

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The last time we wrote about Google TV Ads, it was due to a defeat: NBC Universal had ended an advertising partnership.  But it looks like that wasn't entirely indicative of things to come, as Google announced today that it's managed to sign a partnership with Verizon FiOS TV.

Google's more than a little excited about this development, and it has good reason to be.  Mark Piesanen, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Google TV Ads, characterized Verizon FiOS TV as "one of the fastest growing television providers with the largest fiber-optic network in the US."

In a post on the Google TV Ads Blog, Piesanen then continued, "By adding over 50 networks on Verizon FiOS TV across 3.3 million homes, we can offer you growing access to the audiences you want to reach on television."

Indeed, that means Google TV Ads should be able to offer advertisers a way of reaching around 35 million households by early next year, which is rather impressive.  And, since months have gone by since NBC Universal decided on another approach and no other partners have left, the word "should" doesn't seem like a matter of wishful thinking.

Perhaps Google will even be able to collect another partner or two before that time.  Its Google TV efforts are likely to introduce employees to new contacts, after all.

The Google TV Ads team deserves a pat on the back for the Verizon FiOS TV partnership, regardless.

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