Google Search is Now Available for iMessage on iOS, Launches Other Features


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Google has added some new teaks to its app for iOS users. On Monday, the company announced that it would be integrating its search engine into iMessage to give iPhone and iPad users a smoother search and sharing experience.

To begin with, the Google app for iOS now has an extension for iMessage to assist iPhone and iPad users in looking up things on the web while messaging.

Once the Google app is installed, users can easily pull up the extension from the iMessage apps drawer and tap on the distinct Google icon to launch the search box.

Looking for a good place to eat or hang out? Just click on “Food” or “Nearby” to check out reviews, menus, or business hours. Browse through the search results, and if anything piques your curiosity, tap on it to read or share it as a card in your convo. Recipients can then tap on the card, redirecting them to the search result. Moreover, Google decided to add a GIF Search on the right side of the box to make conversations more fun.

Aside from the iMessage extension, Google also introduced a related content feature that is compatible with the browser of any iOS-powered device. Previously limited to the Google app, the tech giant made it handy for users to discover related content without performing another search. Simply click on the Google icon from the share option to discover suggested articles.

Lastly, Google has now simplified the drag-and-drop functionality on the iPad. Users can now move text, images, and links from the Google app to other iOS apps. Simply tap and hold to get the link, then drag to iMessage for sharing, or to Notes for future reading.

[Featured image via Pixabay]
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