Google Reorganizing Labor to Answer ChatGPT

Google has issued a "code red" and is reorganizing labor in response to the traction ChatGPT has gained....
Google Reorganizing Labor to Answer ChatGPT
Written by Matt Milano
  • Google has issued a “code red” and is reorganizing labor in response to the traction ChatGPT has gained.

    ChatGPT is an AI-driven chatbot released by OpenAI. The chatbot has gained considerable traction and praise, while still receiving criticism for failing in many of the same ways as previous chatbots.

    Google is one company that is trying to find an answer. When ChatGPT gained traction, the company held an all-hands meeting to address employee concerns that Google was being upstaged and could lose its competitive edge. Executives emphasized their desire to proceed slowly, lest the company’s reputation be hurt by less than stellar results.

    According to Business Insider, Google appears to be taking significant steps to catch up. CEO Sundar Pichai has been involved in meetings that have resulted in a reorganization of labor. Personnel in Google’s research, Trust and Safety division are being tasked with assisting in AI development. Other divisions have been similarly involved.

    The company will have to strike a fine balance between protecting the integrity of its search business while simultaneously keeping up with the broader AI industry.

    “This really strikes a need that people seem to have but it’s also important to realize these models have certain type of issues,” Google AI head Jeff Dean said in the initial all-hands meeting.

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