Google Releases Experimental Apps Script Dashboard

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This is what I like about Google - they listen. Developers have been telling the company of a need for a tool that would let them monitor the health of their Apps Script. The company has heard the cry of those in need and the cries will not go unheeded.

Google introduced the world today to the Apps Script Dashboard. It's currently in the experimental phase, but it offers monitoring of the health of 10 major services. It also offers a detailed guide of quota restrictions in Apps Script.

The features in the current version are:

The dashboard offers a view into past and present states of 10 major Apps Script services. The past view goes back one week.

Each Apps Script service has three states on the dashboard: Normal Service, Known Issues and Investigating.

The Known Issues state signals that we know about the issues in that service and are working to fix them.

Quotas are displayed for three different types of user accounts: Consumer accounts (for example accounts), Google Apps (free) accounts, and Google Apps for Business, EDU and Government accounts.

The apps that are currently supported by the Google Apps Script Dashboard are CalendarApp, Charts, ContactsApp, DocsList, GmailApp, MailApp, Maps, SitesApp, SpreadsheetApp and UrlFetchApp. While the Dashboard shows a history of the past week, it seems to be no slouch in keeping up with the present. It was last updated with the latest info at 9:21 this morning.

The Apps Script Dashboard is a great way to keep developers ahead of the curve when it comes to working with Google Apps Script. It sucks when there's a problem with Gmail or Maps, so having constant updates on each app's respective status is fantastic.

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