Google Releases Easter Egg for Math Geeks

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We all remember Google's "do a barrel roll" easter egg. Enter those worlds in googles home page and the screen does a 360. (it still works, by the way) Google has become famous for these little tricks . It does give some personality to a company that may one day rule the world.

The latest is a treat for math nerds. If you type in the name of a commonly used numeral system, say, binary, hexadecimal or octal, Google will display the number of results it found for that query in the system you typed in.

For example:

Type "binary" and you get...

Here's one for "hexadecimal"...

And "octal"...

We tried some other numerical systems, but they didn't work. It could be just for those three, but definitely check it out yourself. Just make sure you are logged out of your personal Google account before you do, otherwise it won't work.

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