Google Redesigns AdSense Payment Page


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Today the Google AdSense Blog announced a redesign to the AdSense payment page, which helps the payment process run more smoothly. Changes were also make to the AdSense account setting pages, and were applied to a small number of accounts, with the rest being added over the next few months. Here is a screen of the new interface:

google adsense payment

Ernest Yip, Product Manager of the AdSense Payments Team, offered an explanation of the changes and how they will benefit users -

Redesigned Payment summary and Payment settings pages:
- Payment method is now called Form of payment.
- Unpaid finalized earnings is now called Current balance.
- Redesigned transaction history table shows you the latest activities at the top.
- New toolbar support allows you to filter, print, export, or download transaction information.

More flexibility with your payment settings:
- New extended timeline allows you to change your payment information until the 20th of any month.
- You can choose any payment threshold greater than the default payment threshold based on your reporting currency.
- You can also hold your payments until a specified date.

Improved navigation of the payments interface:
- Centralized locations to manage your Payment settings and Payee profile.
- Contextual help is displayed based on the pages you navigate to.

Google will expand upon the improvements in the coming months, to compliment a host of monetization changes including Affiliate Ads for Blogger as well as free trials of Gomo promotional website hosting.

In related news, a task force in Argentina has been investigating Google regarding some if its business practices in that country since 2010, and is allegedly concerned with the extent in which AdSense affects search rankings. It would appear that Argentinian authorities might not be too keen on how Google's algorithm actually works.