Google Real Time Analytics Gets Profile Support

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Google is rolling out Real Time support for profiles in Google Analytics. Data from the Real Time Analytics feature (launched last year in beta), will be profile specific and obey the filtering that you have set up on your own profile. Any user with access to a profile can view the associated real time reports.

"When viewing your real time reports keep in mind these changes," notes Linus Chou from the Google Analytics team. "If the numbers are lower than you are used to, check your filters to see what traffic is being excluded. And if you use real time for debugging, be sure to use an unfiltered report for that purpose."

"Real Time has always been great for rapid testing and debugging of your tracking code and now with profile support you can do the same when creating profile filters," add Chou. "When you change the filters in your profile, you should see the effects in the real time reports within a couple of hours. We are working to make this even quicker going forward."

Profile support will be available for both web pages and App profiles, so users can see mobile SDK traffic in real time. The feature will be rolling out over the next couple weeks.

On a related note, Google says it is seeing seven years worth of engagement with the Real Time Analytics feature every day.

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