Google Rallies Again Against Chinese Censorship


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If you thought Google and China had achieved some kind of ceasefire agreement after Google pulled its stunt involving, think again.  David Drummond, Chief Legal Officer at the company, indicated today that Google's seeking political allies who might joins its fight against censorship.

GoogleThe Press Association reported this afternoon, "[T]he search engine is asking the US and European governments to press China to lift internet censorship, describing it as an unfair barrier to free trade."

Drummond, obviously speaking from experience, then laid out Google's exact argument, saying, "[T]he censorship, of course, is for political purposes but it is also used as a way of keeping multinational companies disadvantaged in the market.  It should be obvious that the Internet sector is very important to the west and so we should be working on seeing that that kind of trade is protected."

Google received some support from politicians in the weeks following its "new approach to China" announcement, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was particularly vocal about finding out who or what was responsible last year's attack on the company.  But not much came of all that.

Drummond didn't say whether or not he thinks Google will have better luck this time, either.