Google Promises Fix For Gmail Flickering Bug In Android

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Google has promised that a fix is on the way for a nasty little bug that is preventing some Android users from accessing their Gmail inboxes via the Gmail app. Apparently when users open the app on their phones, the inbox flickers on the screen and does not respond to any input, making it completely unusable.

An Android user posted about the problem on the Google Product Forums. He began experiencing the issue on his Droid X2, and after repeated attempts to access the Gmail app, his phone apparently rebooted. The issue remained after he deleted and reinstalled the app. He posted a video of the bug in action, which you can take a look at here.

A Google representative with the username BritannyBee replied to the thread and said that Google was aware of the bug and "working to resolve it," and asked those who were replying to the thread to include some basic information about their phones.

Around the same time she posted a separate thread in the forum with a brief explanation of the situation and another promise of an imminent fix. Here's that post:

Beginning this morning, we've received reports of a bug causing some Gmail users on Android to experience screen flickering when they open the app. We are in the process of fixing it and the issue should be resolved shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Have you had this problem with Gmail on your Android phone? If so, what kind of phone is it? What version of Android? Let us know in the comments.