Google+ Plugins Improved For Businesses And People

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Do you use Google+? If so, do you like to +1 Web sites and other awesome things you find on the Net? Well, it’s about to get easier to get your +1 on.

The Google+Reader">Google+ Developer Blog announced today some improvements coming to the Google+ plugin for Web sites. The improvements are meant to make sharing and connecting easier for those of who use Google’s social networking site.

The first, and biggest improvement in my opinion, is coming to the +1 button on Web sites. It was a hassle before to sometimes get the thing to work and you even had to maybe click on the button a few times before the share box would come up. Google is now saying that the box will come up after one click. All the same functionality will be there in the box including the ability to share with who you want.

They’re also making it easier to follow brands and businesses. They’re updating the badges for Google+ pages to say “Follow.” This adds the business or brand to your “Following circle” with just one click. You can, however, change the circle they are in if you so choose. That’s good news for me as I love putting rival companies in circles like, “Battle to the death” or “Mortal Enemies.” Coca-Cola and Pepsi are currently duking it out in “Soda Wars 2012.”

If you’re using Google+ for your brand, Google has thrown together a style guide that should help you take advantage of the social networking site to expand your reach. It includes such rules regarding how Web sites are to present the Google+ badge and what language to use when inviting people to follow you.

Finally, in an effort to make Google+ more personal, people can now add a Google+ follow badge on their personal Web sites. Google+’s most followed celebrity, Britney Spears, has already added the functionality to her Web site.

There are more changes coming to Google+ throughout the year as it keeps aiming for its goal of 400 million users by the end of the year.

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