Google Phone Excitement Builds Ahead Of Jan. 5 Event

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The cat has at least started to come out of the bag with regards to the long-rumored "Google phone"; details about the Nexus One have been leaking for weeks.  It looks like the rest of the figurative feline will soon appear, too, as a T-Mobile announcement and invitation to a Google event were issued today.

Google LogoLet's start with the T-Mobile announcement - which, it's important to note, was an internal one.  This morning, TmoNews published a document that in part read, "Google, with support from T-Mobile is scheduled to launch an Android device in early January. . . .  T-Mobile will offer service support including billing, coverage, features and rate plans."

Then here's the clincher: Google's asking journalists to attend an Android press gathering on January 5th.  This won't be a random meet-and-greet, either.  It'll take place in Mountain View at the Googleplex, and a press conference, presentation, Q&A session, and demo session are supposed to last for a not-inconsiderable three hours.

One more interesting detail: January 5th falls two days before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show, so it looks like Google's planned its announcement for maximum impact.

Unfortunately, a lot of other details remain unknown.  No one seems to have a clear idea of idea how much the Nexus One will cost, for example, or how rate plans will work or when the device will actually be available for purchase.

Still, one week from today, Google's likely to answer everybody's questions.

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