Google Penguin, Panda, Matt Cutts & Amit Singhal In Lego Art Form

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Aaron Wall at SEOBook commissioned an art project, which features a number of Lego art-style pictures of various Google employees and SEO celebrities, as well as some Google update-specific pieces. We already looked at Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt (who was portrayed again as an evil ice cream man).

Here are the artist's renditions of Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal, the two most recognizable faces behind the Penguin and Panda updates:

Matt Cutts Drawing.

Matt Cutts graphic by

Matt Cutts Drawing.

Matt Cutts graphic by

Amit Singhal Drawing.

Amit Singhal graphic by

Cutts and Singhal have both called the Penguin update a success.

Here are the Penguin and Panda pics:

Penguin Update Drawing.

Penguin Update graphic by

Panda Update Drawing.

Panda Update graphic by

Even the old school Florida update made an appearance in the project:

Florida Update Drawing.

Florida Update graphic by

Then there's the "Google Got Caught Pushing Illegal Drugs Update":

Google Adwords Drugs Update Drawing.

Google AdWords Drugs Update graphic by

I don't think that was Google's official name, but it refers to when Google had to forfeit $500 million as the result of a settlement with the Justice Department in relation to ads for Canadian pharmacies. The investigation behind this had authorities tracking a fugitive to Mexico, and he had advertised the unlawful sale of drugs using AdWords.

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