Google+ Developers Page Launched

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Google announced today that they're launching a Google+ Developers account in order to help developers stay abreast of news regarding the Google+ platform, events, community goings-on, and other stuff of interest to developers. Chris Chabot, Team Leader of Google+ Developer Relations, posted on the Google+ Platform Blog today to welcome people to add the Developers page to their Circles and said developers can expect hackathons, conferences, and other +Platform launch announcements.

Developers can expect regular hangouts about the +Platform every Wednesday at 2:30PM EST (that's 11:30 PST for you Silicon Valleyers). So far, the excitement seems unanimous among the comments on the inaugural post on the Developers page. So far, it seems like lots of people - developers, I presume - are anxious to get more information about the Google+ API.

This follows the recent launch of the Android Developers Google+ page at the end of last month, which should give software developers plenty of fodder for their news feeds. If anything, for you developers out there interested in following this type of news, the creation of the Google+ Developers page should allow you to consolidate or eliminate several of the subscriptions you follow for all your developer news needs. Now, all you need is this Goolge+ page to get your fix.