Google, Oracle Going to Trial

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It has been confirmed that Google and Oracle will definitely be going to trial, after talks for an out-of-court settlement ultimately failed. The trial will commence two weeks from today. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal had asked both parties to try to work out a settlement before April 9th, and even though both companies had another week, it was made clear that there would be no understanding.

Grewal issued a memo on Monday explaining that “the parties have reached an irreconcilable impasse in their settlement discussions with the undersigned,” and that “no further conferences shall be convened.” He added, “in the end, some cases just need to be tried," and wished both parties good luck. Google and Oracle’s legal teams are set to meet up at the U.S. District Court in San Francisco in front of Judge William H. Alsup on April 16.

Oracle is suing Google over Java-related patents and technology that exist within the Android mobile operating system. Google’s legal team has repeatedly responded by pointing out Google’s relationship with Sun Microsystems, the developer of Java, which is now owned by Oracle. Google argued that Sun was a supporter of Android from the start, and sees it as a medium to “spread news and word about Java.” And, Google did propose an offer that included a cut of Android’s revenue through 2018, which Oracle will now only receive if it prevails on patent infringement. Oracle likewise had proposed measures to help streamline the suit, by dropping one patent claim.

Google, owner of Motorola Mobility, is also being sued by Apple and Microsoft, to where European antitrust authorities may investigate a resolution regarding additional patent disputes. Both claimants have asked for help in concluding this matter, which might ultimately lead to hefty fines for Google.

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