Google+ Office Hours: Tabletop Forge Gets A Kickstarter

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You may recall a Google+ Office Hours from a few weeks ago that introduced us to the amazing Tabletop Forge app. It used Google+ Hangouts as a new way to host traditional tabletop role-playing games across any distance. It was my favorite use of the Hangouts API, and now it's becoming a reality.

In the latest Google+ Office Hours, it was announced that Tabletop Forge was going to Kickstarter. The project is one of the few things that I would throw all of my money at and thanks to Kickstarter, I can. Tabletop Forge is looking for $5,000 to fund the development of the platform, and it has already raised an amazing $14,644.

Just like any good Kickstarter campaign, it's not stopping there. The developers will be introducing new features as they hit new milestones. A map pack will be released for Tabletop Forge if they are able to hit $16,000. There's still 21 days to go until the application is funded so start kickstarting this thing.

Beyond my supreme excitement for Tabletop Forge being made, Google+ developers had a few more interesting things to say during the Office Hours. Since Hangouts on Air are now available to everyone, people are going to have more questions about the best feature in Google+. Some of the questions addressed include Hangouts apps and how they interact with Hangouts on Air, porting Android games to the Hangout API and movement tracking with the API.

Check out the latest Google+ Office Hours to learn more about the platform. Tabletop Force has proven that there is some really awesome things happening in Hangouts that can really push the appeal of the platform. I'm going to be using Google+ more once Tabletop Forge hits.