Google Now May Be On Its Way To iOS [Rumor]

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For almost a year, Google Now has remained an exclusive feature of Android. The service may very well be coming to Chrome in the near future, but an iOS version seemed unlikely. Well, it's not unlikely anymore if a leaked video is to be believed.

Engadget reports that a video announcing Google Now for iOS popped up on YouTube, and then quickly disappeared. The authentic-looking video shows that Google Now would be integrated into the Google Search app for iOS. In the app, users would just swipe up to access Google Now and all the info cards contained therein.

If the video is legitimate, we might be seeing an announcement of Google Now for iOS in the near future. I highly doubt that the video would leak this far ahead of Google I/O so a pre-I/O announcement seems the most likely. Still, the video could always be an elaborate fake that just so happened to hire an actress that sounds exactly like the narrator from the original Google Now announcement video.

While the video does indeed look legitimate, we've reached out to Google for comment. We'll update if we hear back.