Google Now Lets You Feel A Lot More Than Lucky

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Some people started noticing a change in Google's "I'm feeling lucky" button earlier this month, but it appears that the change has now been more widely released.

The button now changes to different emotions when you mouse over it. When you click on it for different emotions, you'll get different types of results. Google had the following to say on Google+:

"We recently added some other emotions to our I'm Feeling Lucky button, like artistic, wonderful, and of course, hungry. When you hover over the I'm Feeling Lucky button, it spins to an emotion and clicking on it connects you to a page that reflects that emotion. For instance, I'm Feeling Hungry leads you to a Google results page for restaurants in your area. Bon appetit!"

And on Twitter:

"I'm feeling wonderful" takes you to a page for Google's World Wonders Project:

World Wonders Project

"I'm feeling stellar" might take you to an image search for something from space:

Feeling Stellar

"I'm feeling hungry" will take you to a Places search for restaurants:


"I'm feeling playful" might take you to a playable Google Doodle:

Feeling playful

"I'm feeling artistic" will get you something from the Google Art Project:

Feeling artistic

"I'm feeling trendy" will take you to Google's Hot Searches page:

Google hot searches

You get the idea.

Interestingly, it seems that you can no longer just feel "lucky," because as soon as you go to click the button, it changes to something else. I've seen a few criticize the randomness of the emotions. One person commented on Google's announcement, suggesting a drop down list for the emotions, so the user can choose.

What do you think of the feature? Are there emotions you would like to see added? Do you think it's an improvement?

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