Google Nixes AdWords Maintenance, Announces Webinar


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AdWords professionals know by now not to fiddle with their accounts on the second Saturday of every month; maintenance is always scheduled to occur from 10 AM to 2 PM.  Google's going to allow everyone the opportunity to be extra-productive this month, though, cancelling the maintenance session and preparing a free webinar, too.

The matter of the cancellation is pretty straightforward.  Without giving a reason for this change of plans, Google just announced that AdWords account messages about maintenance can be disregarded.  Maybe everyone plans to be out doing some Mother's Day shopping, or perhaps the system is just looking extra-stable this month.

As for the webinar, it'll be held on May 20th starting at 2 PM EST, and is supposed to last for one hour.  Registration's necessary in order to tune in.

Otherwise, the title of the webinar is "Uncovering Opportunities with Display Advertising," and topics that will be covered include "Google's vision and recent innovations in display advertising," "[h]ow to best take advantage of our offerings, from planning to optimizing your campaigns," and "[h]ow advertisers are incorporating the Google Content Network into their marketing strategy."

Enjoy these unusual opportunities to get ahead.